Thursday, 8 December 2011

CANDY - Playmates - with Mariano Vivanco, Luke Day, Alex Box and Me!

Okay, so.... Candy is finally out! Well its been out for several weeks but I've been so bad with my blog recently I keep neglecting to update you all. anyway, here it finally is. This was a particularly fun job for me as I got to play 'creative director' for the first time. I've been a fan of Candy since it came out a couple of years ago so I was hugely honoured when Luis Venegas asked me to be involved.

The Playmate bunny girls and the Playboy brand is such an icon but we'd never seen anyone subvert or challenged it before so it seemed like the perfect subject to play with for a Transgender Magazine. I really wanted to have fun with the ideals of the brands identity with this project and play with crass gender clich├ęs, pairing cigars and boxing gloves with high heels and corsets, inventing characters that were both alpha male and extremely feminine, Playmate and Hugh Hefner.