Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Crazy Wedding Cake Still Life for POP with Lily Vanilli and Daniel Sannwald

These pictures are part of a huge story for the latest POP. Loads of Cake and Ice cream inspired set was made for the shoot (the whole story will appear here in the next few days.) We thought it would be cool to offset some of the fashion shots with pictures of wildly adventureous wedding cakes, almost as if a cake maker from 'my big fat gypsy wedding' had totally lost their mind. 'who better to make my insane cake fantasies a reality', I thought 'than Lily Vanilli' and immediately called her. Lily is truly remarkable, putting up with my infuriating requests and suggestions for days. This is the result of our magnificent collaboration. Sadly a few of these didn't make it to print so Mr Sanwald very kindly sent over these for my blog, so you could say this is a Daniel Sannwald - Lily Vanilli - Gary Card Exclusive! Ooooooowww!