Monday, 26 March 2012

GQ Style - Hipster dissection

What is a Hipster? What does that even mean? Am I a hipster? Do I have to come out all over again?! I thought about this question a lot over the period of working on this little project. The guys at GQ Style asked me to illustrate an exploded diagram of the modern hipster to go along side an article about the same topic. No easy task really since its so tricky to define what it actually means. There are so many kinds of hipster these days its hard to pin down its exact characteristics. Two things seem to be certain- if you live in East London and do anything remotely creative for a career you are, through no fault of your own, by the modern definition.... a hipster! God knows I must be, I mean I wear colourful socks, Brogues, bright shirts, I'm creative and live off Broadway Market, so by default that makes me a hipster, right?..... maybe not. The sad truth is I'm probably too old now to qualify.

Anyway, I thought to myself before taking on this job that I'll only do it if I can have fun with it, this meant brutally lampooning one of my dearest friends. My wonderful flatmate Will is a stylist, an occasional model and is in huge denial about his hipster credentials, ''easy prey" I thought and immediately got to work mercilessly dissecting my buddy. All the favourites are there, the fix wheeler bike, the 'pretentious rock band t-shirt with the ripped off sleeves', the 'Supreme' cap, even a little dog.

So here it is- a playful poke but ultimately loving homage to my mate Will, the modern hipster, (whether he likes it or not.)


  1. these illustrations are amazing!
    I think you got the 'hipster' thig down to a tee! Ican never keep up with all these labels ha :)

  2. Love this! The illustrations capture the essence totally! I'm pretty fascinated with the whole concept. Hipsters are like a sociological study all of their own! Thanks for sharing this.

  3. Wow, you have interesting ideas !

  4. amazing drawings and you have it down to a T! here's a fantastic article on the subject