Wednesday, 21 March 2012

My Egg for 'The Big Egg Hunt' London

The big egg hunt is currently in full swing around London, I was lucky enough to be asked to contribute my own egg to the festivities.

I had 2 words in my head when I started thinking about this project, psychedelic - creature. I was immediately drawn to the idea of turning the egg into a jolly (if slightly bonkers) animal of some kind, 'the shape is a bit like a frog' I thought and set about drawing him, 'but what to do with the back of my frog egg?' I wondered, 'if he's so ecstatic on the front wouldn't it be fun to paint him a woefully sad side on the other, creating a sort of ying yang character', this allowed me to play with different colour palettes for the oposing sides and gave me a great excuse to paint another funny face. but what to call him? in the end, out of shear desperation and lack of anything better I went with the ludicrous title of 'the happy sad frog egg', although it really should have been 'the eggony and the eggstasy'.

I had tremendous fun painting my frog egg for a few days, I've grown quite attached to him. You can visit him at his new home in Carnaby Street, say hi from me.


  1. Well psychedelic creature it certainly is!
    Its fantastic!

  2. he is divine:
    like some lost god!

  3. This reminds me of Sally Cruikshank's 'Face Like a Frog':

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