Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Patinka's Dream.

I used to do a little comic strip for an old magazine Mat Irwin used to run. One day I walked into his office to find him laughing at his computer, 'Gary! Look at this amazing tranny, we have to do a comic about her.' So, for the proceeding 6 issue's I illustrated the monthly adventures of Patinka.

With 'Patinka's Dream' I had complete brain freeze and couldn't think of anything for to do in the day I had to do it, so I drew this. it was pretty much an excuse to do loads of nutty drawings. looking back it was pretty incoherent but there were some nice moments, so, I've cut it up to show off some of the drawing.


  1. Brings a smile to my face that there are places in the world where a design brief can be based around 'Gary! Look at this amazing tranny, we have to do a comic about her.'

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