Friday 24 September 2010

'Re-bel' Leather Pets!

Hello again. I've looked forward to showing these guys off for ages, I painted them a few months ago for a fab new mag called 'Re-bel'. It's produced by the wonderful leather wear design team 'Jaiden rVa James'. The whole issue is fantastic, with contributions from Robbie Spencer, Ben Weller and Simon Foxton, as well as interviews with JW Anderson and Juegen Teller! (and me!!!). Try and grab a copy.

It took the boys literally months to squeeze these out of me and I really pissed them off in the process (naughty Gary), finally I delivered these sometime in May. They are loosely based on Jaiden rVa James work. I could go on but I'll wait and post the mags interview soon. Hope you like em. x

Friday 17 September 2010

INFLATE. Dazed shoot with Anthony Maule and Robbie Spencer

This is one the strangest fashion shoots I've ever made stuff for. Robbie Spencer asked me to design some bizarre padded pieces/head gear and plaster accessories. I've wanted to make Cronenberg/Naked Lunch inspired outfits for ages so this seemed like the perfect opportunity. Robbie and I played a kind of 'human buckaroo' with the poor models while they baked under about ten layers of of Lycra, latex and fashion finery. I felt dreadful for them. Who says modeling is easy?

Special thanks to Henderson Mccue, Ollie Tiong and Derek Martin

INFLATE. Dazed shoot with Anthony Maule and Robbie Spencer

Wednesday 8 September 2010

Dazed Digital Interview and Give Away!

Hiya! there's an interview with me at the re-vamped Dazed Digital, they've also asked me to dig through my prop cupboard find something bizarre to give away. The little blue creature is up for grabs at -
Photos by David Hellqvist.