Monday, 30 November 2009

'Bemuda Triangle' at Spring Studio's. The Plasticine Cave.

Here are some pictures from the group show I'm apart of at Spring Studios. It's 10 foot tall by 14 foot long and made up of 2 tons of white plasticine. Here's the exhibition blurb-

'Gary Card creates a dramatic entrance to the exhibition via a huge cave-like environment constructed out of white Plasticine, the interior walls consisting of individual naive face formations, is reminiscent of the Sedlec Ossuary (Kostnice), in Kutna Hora * with a comical twist. Stark artificial lighting illuminates the interior in contrasts to the works’ malleable surface, creating an experience, which is both fantastical and edgy. Cards’ trademarks, his use of colour and texture, which employ an unbridled aesthetic that utilizes a combination of visual mediums and aesthetics, are some of the elements evident in this piece, which marks the beginning of a special series of unique custom made pieces for interior spaces.'

Special thanks to Luke Abbey, Bethan Wood, Georgina Bacchus, Carla Rees, Ash Dando, Zandra and Olivia Lavelle who tirelessly sculpted 3000 plasticine faces, Andree Cooke getting me involved in the the show and my wonderful Dad, Chris Card who constructed the timber frame with me. A truly amazing team!

It's on until the end of December, pop down if you can.


  1. this was really fun now i think of it! i miss making mini faces :) well done again gary looked out of this world. xx

  2. So so so so gutted the world stopped me popping down.

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