Friday 7 May 2010

Sky light Installation for HQ at Brighton Dome.

The wonderful Bistrotheque boys once again commissioned me to design the interior for their HQ pop up restaurant for Brighton Festival.

Here are a few shots and the accompanying blurb from Dazed Digital.

"Brighton also have the privilege of hosting HQ at Brighton Dome, a pop up social club with a menu designed by London restaurant Bistrotheque's. The HQ resides in the beautiful Dome as a lunchtime canteen, serving up delicious yet simple food. With over 240 performances planned, Brighton Festival have as such not only brought art and music to town, but also great food. And lastly, while there, don't forget to look up towards the skies: set designer Gary Card have crowned the HQ with a glass installation in the ceiling and another one in the bar, through his specially designed limited edition Dark Star beer bottles, ensuring you'll leave happy in every way possible. The glass installation is a "reflection on biology, travel, sexuality, geography, and nature. Each viewer who ponders the piece will have his or her own response". With Card, Woo, Stone and Bistrotheque's Pablo Flack running around town, Brighton is now not only a haven for sun bathers, but a cultural feast for all senses."

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