Friday, 17 September 2010

INFLATE. Dazed shoot with Anthony Maule and Robbie Spencer

This is one the strangest fashion shoots I've ever made stuff for. Robbie Spencer asked me to design some bizarre padded pieces/head gear and plaster accessories. I've wanted to make Cronenberg/Naked Lunch inspired outfits for ages so this seemed like the perfect opportunity. Robbie and I played a kind of 'human buckaroo' with the poor models while they baked under about ten layers of of Lycra, latex and fashion finery. I felt dreadful for them. Who says modeling is easy?

Special thanks to Henderson Mccue, Ollie Tiong and Derek Martin


  1. i'm sure the models are beautiful!. . .somewhere. . .under. . there. . .

  2. this is amazing!
    I'm ecstatic to have discovered your blog and slightly dismayed that I didnt discover it earlier.