Friday 15 October 2010

Dazed and Confused- Inflate- I Pad special edition


  1. These are awesome :)

  2. your fuckin AMAZING gary card!

    henderson x

  3. The sloth is an admirable study in textures and contrasts, especially the first photo of the blue stones. What a stunning creation, as well as use as a prop.

    Pushing the envelope is what life is all about. Creative expression and sharing our own personifications of life and experiences makes for a rich tapestry.

    Our design work at House of EVARO aims to push the envelope while remaining, in some styles, quite classic and small feat, at times.

    You should consider teaching others how to "unlock themselves," and bring forth their own creativity, as you have certainly succeeded in doing that yourself.

    I always enjoy your is a reminder of how rich and sumptuous life is supposed to be.

    Reve De Oro
    Editorial Director
    House of EVARO