Thursday, 17 March 2011

Dazed and Confused with Anthony Mule and Robbie Spencer

After the tremendous fun we had on the 'INFLATE' story last year I teamed up again with Robbie Spencer and Anthony Mule to do another 'letsseehowmuchstuffwecanattachtothispoormodel' project for Dazed, this time with a metallic theme. My team and I spent 4 days producing these insane costume pieces and about 6 hours frantically sticking it all on the wonderfully patient Andrej Pejic. I'll post the 'Making of' pics soon.

Special thanks to my fantastic team, Penny Mills, Henderson Mccue, Luke Abby and Derek Martin.


  1. The best colours I've seen in ages!!! Thank you

  2. Great Job!!
    It reminded me of a collection i made on 2009 where i used metal and acrylic structures shaped for ballet dancers. here is a short video of the catwalk:
    . I havent translated yet.. i deffinetely have to do it since it gives a lot more conceptual power to the project.