Wednesday, 28 September 2011

GARAGE Magazine with Nick Knight and Dino Chapman

Wow! its been ages hasn't it. I'm so sorry for neglecting you, I have been busy I swear, so many exciting things have been going on, Garage magazine with Nick Knight and Dinos Chapman, (both of which are childhood hero's of mine), as well as year 2 of my onging collaboration with Loewe. My first range of toys for Nicola Formachetti's pop up store in New York (of which I can't wait to show you!) As well as some top secret stuff that I'll be unveilling next week.

Here are a few bits from the Garage 'Agarthe's House' project, the first being the shoot for the magazine and the second, the installation at the Gagosian Gallery. For this I remade the shoot's dolls house set for the Garage Magazine Launch.
Special thanks as always to my trusty set builder Russell Beck and lovely assistant Penny Mills.

Right, Paris Fashion week, here I come!.